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Editing Services

As an author, I can provide guidance as to composition and content.  I have a Master’s degree and have been writing professionally for twenty-five years, giving me the expertise and experience to help you put forth a polished finished product.


While all services are customized to the needs of our clients, our comprehensive editing service includes content, composition, grammer and proofing.  All for one low price.


“John has done a significant amount of editing on my novel. He combed it from page one to the end. John is detail oriented and makes helpful suggestions on how to improve plot, characters, and storyline. I highly recommend his editing services.”  Nelle Petit Smith

“I want to say a GAIGANTIC Thank you to John Selby (www.authorjohnselby.com) for making the time and effort to edit chapter one of Bibliophile for me. I have been able to improve a lot now and he is such an amazing editor! I really recommend turning to him if you need any help with your writing because he knows a lot after being in touch with other editors who work for publishers. So the type of editing he does is not a quicky scan over - he is very thorough and good at what he does!

He gives positive feedback and negative, telling you what was good/bad and how to improve and I shall be forever greatful - I've been needing someone to edit the chapter for me for soooo long, so this was very useful to me! Especially since it's so hard for yourself to edit a book you have written.

Many thanks , John!!”  Grace Harding


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