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My Works

I am currently previewing my books on Wattpad.  This is a free website that allows authors to post their works.  Readers can provide feedback through comments as often as after each paragraph.  I invite you to read my books and tell me what you think!  Also, please “vote” after each chapter as you read.  (Look for the vote button in the upper right hand corner).

 John Selby, Author


A Sci-Fi adventure for adults and young adults

Earth is in trouble.  The Zanchee can help. But will they?  Is it Sen?

Zanchee projections show a terrorist will set off a nuclear bomb near LA with catastrophic results, but their laws prohibit intervention.  Axel, the teenage son of the Zanchee leader, refuses to accept the inevitable and risks everything to stop it. He hatches a plan to skirt Zanchee law and save humanity. Only it requires help from both his cat-like mentiot companion, Chermal and a human teenager with psychic potential.  Oh yes, and the fleet's only time-warp ship.  

In the process of trying to save humanity, Axel's human partner, Jeff must choose whether to stop the terrorist, or save his friends who are being held hostage by drug dealers.

From Dusty Plains to Wartime Planes

A memoir of WWII and the Dust Bowl

This is the story of my father, John Wait, Jr.  His has been called the "Greatest Generation" for good reason, and his story is one reason why.

He grew up in a three-room house shared with four other siblings and his parents in rural Kansas during the devastating dust bowl years, which coincided with the Great Depression.  After learning to fly while in college, he enlisted in the Army Air Force six months prior to Pearl Harbor.  He was one of the first fighter pilots to go overseas to England.  How he went from flying beat-up spitfires to essentially commanding two of the world's most famous airports - Heathrow and Le Bourget - to being one of the first Americans to enter Hitler's Bunker is a truly amazing story.

The book is full of rich story-telling supplemented with historical documents, information, and lots of pictures.

Mortal Musings: Waiting for Dawn

Thoughts While Battling Terminal Cancer

In October 2016, I was given a death sentence, Stage IV with a nearly always fatal cancer.  My life expectancy was now months, not decades.  To help cope, I started airing a video chronicle of what I was experiencing on YouTube.  Later, these videos became the basis for this book, which was expanded as my experiences continued.

Mortal Musings: Waiting for Dawn is a stream-of-conscious book written as I battled this horrible disease.  I describe in detail what I was experiencing physically, emotionally, spiritually.  I talk about how the cancer impacted not only me and my career, but my wife, family and friends.  I discuss various coping strategies from the perspective of not only a victim, but one with a psychology background.

I reflect upon my life, and how it has gone through so many dramatic cycles.  I also speculate about the very meaning of life, why are we here? Why me? And, what lies beyond the corporal shell of existence?

The unique writing style will let you understand better what terminal patients go through and how cancer is treated.  In addition, you will understand their thoughts and feelings as they approach finality.

The book, while frank, is told with humor and spiced with interesting background stories.  It is entertaining, provocative, emotional, informative and inspirational.