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 John Selby, Author

About Me

Since writing a 500 page book in 7th grade, while avoiding both bullies and teachers, I have wanted to be a writer.  Yet, while I was always voracious reader, I just never could find the time to devote to creative writing (I’ve always written professionally) … the need to pay bills kept getting in the way.  

Then I experienced a life-changing (and darn near life-ending) event.  I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, and basically given about six months to live.  As I was going through all the emotional drama, and unable to work, I started to write about my feelings – at the same time I was experiencing them.  This stream-of-conscious proved to be very therapeutic (and later became my book, Mortal Musings).  It also caused me to re-order my life priorities. One of those is to return to what I really love -- writing.

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